Mommy Mondays are starting now!

Mommy Mondays are starting now!  Each Monday from here on out will be exclusively Mom-oriented!  Whether it is a post, recipe, contest, video, picture album, DIY tutorial, Mondays are now Momdays here on!

It is no secret that I am OBSESSED with TOMS.

I think it's sort of a strange obsession because I think of myself as a woman who has never really been that into shoes - but with TOMS, it's not just about the shoes it is about everything that TOMS represents and does for people around the world.

However even our friends at TOMS were never able to fill the void in my closet that every woman, especially Moms, have a chill shoe that is neither a flat nor heel.

I began to believe that the shoes I sooo desired both as a mother who didn't want to look frumpy in flats and as a doer who can not do in 3 inch heels didn't exist.

I was so committed, however, to the idea that this shoe actually existed that I even ran a contest on this site! Well girls - I have found my holy grail of shoes and it is fate that they are, but of course - TOMS - introducing the Taupe Desert Wedge by TOMS.

This shoe is the perfect height, color, and design to go with everything. It is damn awesome I am giving a way a pair to a reader because excitement is more fun when shared.

Post your favorite mommy moment and I will pick one lucky winner!

Bring on the contests!

There are a lot of people who represent classic Americana but in my book there is no one who does it better than Chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay! From books to restaurants and products to television there are very few people as successful and talented as Bobby.

I had the honor of appearing on the Rachael Ray show with Bobby earlier this year and I have to say one of the major perks of that incredible appearance was an incredible day was walking around New York City with Bobby. It was an experience which I can only imagine is comparable to walking around with the Mayor- it is the most I have ever learned about food, New York City and more than I ever will need to know about the various amounts of ways to grill stuff! Seriously the man can talk about grills more than most people can talk about…well anything.

I wish everyone could get to see New York through the eyes of it's most excited resident but unless he opens a The Bobby Flay Tour you're going to have to settle for what he puts down on paper. Bobby's cookbooks are in constant rotation in my house and Chef Flay was nice enough to sign his classic cookbook BAR AMERICAIN for one of my lucky readers.


4th of July is around the corner and everyone knows that the best part of this summer holiday are the fireworks, but I'm not talking about pyrotechnics here, no, I'm talking about the fireworks you create at your own bash. So here's the deal send me pictures of your most inspired party ideas at your 4th of July party and the winner will receive a new BBQ set from LOWE'S. I don't know about you, but I want to make this summer one to remember and I want you to as well! Let this little contest serve as inspiration for throwing the best 4th of July party you can.

Winner will be announced on July 9th! Send your pictures to

Summertime Martini
Here’s a little Summertime Martini recipe to get your mind going... well really it’s an Anytime Martini, but not before noon because then it’s called a You Gotta Problem Martini.

What you’ll need
2 oz peach flavored vodka
1 oz Peach Schnapps
1/2 tsp crushed rosemary
Shake all the ingredients with ice and pour into a Martini glass. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

I have found a way to say ‘Hey! I am here and I believe I am cool enough to rock something that we all know is age inappropriate’…it’s called confidence and sense of humor! Living in Los Angeles gives me access to some of the most ridiculously dressed people on a daily basis. I mean Ed Hardy and trucker hats started here people, and on behalf of my community I would like to apologize to you and your eyes for the damage those two trends caused to numerous families and Ashton Kutcher.

The sparkle hippie headband has been calling out to me like a bad boyfriend…’Come on…we would be so good together’. I've been held back by the fact that most of the women I see trying to pull this off are walking the carpet at the Teen Choice Awards and not the Oscars. I finally said screw it and went for it. I tried to pretend to be a model and do my best 'Blue Steel' look, and I think we can all agree that this look is desperado. However, as soon as I stopped trying to look like a headband model and just started to act like my ridiculously awkward self, the sparkle headgear and I became one.

There are a million tutorials on how to make these but they had too many steps…I don’t like it when people make me wait for my sparkle so I came up with a quick sparkle fix.

What you’ll need
Glue gun. Sparkles of your choice... unless your choice is rainbow and then some one else should choose for you. Scunci no slip headbands from your local grocery store.

Well, let’s see... you have a glue gun, sparkles, and a headband... if you can’t figure it out then you should not be using a glue gun in the first place.

Send pictures of your favorite headband to and the most inspired will win the headband I made in the pictures above.
Why The Hell Not Party

The person who submits the best picture of the Why The Hell Not Party Office Party wins:


Contest ends next Wednesday March 28th!

If someone asks…I'm coming from dance rehearsal!

Ok, I wasn’t going to do this because I thought I was being subliminally influenced by my little duchesses new found love of anything and everything tutu related. Having seen quite a few other little royals prancing around in similar Nutcracker-esque garb, I knew that this was a very ‘normal’ choice of expression in the wardrobe arena for the in pre-k crowd.

I saw one of the uber-cool artsy Gallerina* girls wearing the faintest hint of a rose colored multi-ruffled situation under her very serious black dress the other night and I got a tiny bit excited…but not that excited. The last time I tried to pull off something I saw on a Gallerina it ended with the girls in my office superimposing one of my very few red carpet snap shots onto a Pirates of the Caribbean poster…and I did not look out of place.

Well guess what you little mean fashionistas, I have now seen a few of these little tutu under-slippy-thingy’s around and I am doing it. I don’t care if you put me on a Black Swan poster and stick it on my desktop.

I want to wear a Tutu!!!!!!

I like the way this one looks…

Anyone else seeing this around? Shoot me snaps sisters!

Check out this website for some great adult tutus!

*Gallerina: an artsy ethereal creature that combines both the femininity of the ballerina with the chicness of an art gallery girl.

Send me a pic of you in your tutu by May 15th to and the best one wins one of the tutus featured above.

I will BUY you a pair of shoes!

We’re launching our first contest over here at Ms. Brookie P! I will BUY a pair of shoes for any reader who submits the best pair of mom shoes (via picture) that are neither flat nor taller than 2 1/2 inches by the end of the day on FRIDAY (3/23)! Limit is $200.