Mommy Monday!

It’s Monday or as I like to call it ‘MOMday’! Personally, I think all Moms should get presents on Momday and if I win the lottery it will be on the top of my list but until then I can only give one Mom a present on Momday!   Now, if you are saying ‘Hey, that looks like a kids toy and this is supposed to presents for Mama’s‘ then you are clearly not a Mother! Every Mom knows that a gift for your child is a gift to you…and I don’t mean that in some Oprah spiritual seeing the joy in my childs face is the greatest gift crap. Oh no I mean it in the greatest gift a mother needs sometimes is a break and we all new toys are like break insurance. I keep some tucked away in the coat closet for emergencies…’Oh sweetie is that the 100th round of wheels on the bus you have sung! That is some kind of record! Lets get you a new toy‘….before mommy’s head explodes!

Tell me the funniest thing you’ve done to get a 5 minute break from your little one(s) and be entered to win a great new Apprivity toy from Mattel and Fisher Price that interacts with your iPhone!  The Laugh and Learn will keep your little ones entertained and learning for days.

Winner will be announced next Momday!