I like big bums and I cannot lie!

Proportion is a funny thing. It can make or break a woman…take J.Lo* for example. The proportions of her derriere got her the hottest men in show biz and an illustrious singing and acting career. HEHEHEHE. But enough about Jenny from the block. The proportion rule also applies to art. I like my art BIG and out of proportion to the space that it occupies. This wild horses piece by Roberto Dutesco is currently residing in my casa and is a good example of how too big can be just right. Not everything has to be balanced and you don’t have to invest heavily to get this impact. IKEA also makes art in massive scale like this image of the a London double decker bus (which I had in my first apartment). Basically, you don’t have to be a big spender to get big art.

*I need her to go gangsta again. It is one of those things that would just really make my year…white bandana, bedazzled jeans, and a teeny weeny mid-drift baring baby tee. OHHH I want it so bad!!!!!

Happy shopping!

Brooke Peterson

Brooke Peterson